Live Weekend Workshop - Programming Purposes

Join John Osborne Hughes, creator of The Spiritual Psychology of Acting, as he takes you on a live journey into the heart of great acting and shares the essential techniques of the art and craft of character creation.

Two day live technique workshops in London, UK May 18th & 19th - Programming Purposes

Our special weekend workshops are an opportunity to learn and practice the essential techniques of the Spiritual Psychology of Acting and work in person with John Osborne Hughes.

The knowledge and technique of great acting, for newcomers and professionals seeking something more...

The Spiritual Psychology of Acting is an evolution of the system of Stanislavski, with cutting edge psychology and spiritual philosophy.

The monthly weekend workshops in London explore a variety of key knowledge relating to the philosophy, principles and psychological technique of great acting.

The May weekend focusses on the crucial technique of programming purposes.

The workshop is guaranteed to get you inspired and help you progress to the next level with your work.

The full training is designed to create actors of the highest calibre - a delight to work with and an inspiration to watch.

There will be a 1 hour lunch break, 1-2pm, and a 15 minute refreshment break in the afternoon. Please wear clothing you are comfortable moving around in.

Weekend Workshop Dates

Special offer - book before 12th May and receive a 20% discount. £190 instead of £228

Saturday 18th May, 11am - 5.45pm GMT

Sunday 19th May, 11am - 5.45pm GMT

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Simple practical exercises will be introduced to assimilate the basic techniques
The session starts with meditation and a reading to help focus your attention.
Intro seminars are hosted live in London.

What will I learn?

The May 2024 weekend focusses on the practical knowledge and technique of how to programme purposes, both for characters in plays and films, and for the stage of life.


Have you ever wondered what really compels you to do the things you do?

Although often misplaced, every human purpose is essentially a desire for happiness. Behind every action, our purposes are the wants and needs that drive us.

In life, much of our own essential programming and conditioning was established in childhood and has now become mostly subconscious. Therefore, to act truthfully, the character’s purposes should be of the same quality.

During the workshop we will take a detailed look at the four types of human purposes (natural, egotistic, egocentric and shadow purposes). You will learn how our Purposes form, how they choose our thoughts and actions, how they manifest and how to spot them in yourself and others.

Each student will also receive an up to date list of all of the 180 human purposes, along with their definitions, which, if you're serious about acting, is worth more than its weight in gold.

Most importantly, you will learn the technique of programming and embodying purposes at will. This is a complete game-changer, for both acting and everyday life.

"I attended ‘The Spiritual Psychology of Acting’ course instead of Drama School, and the knowledge I’ve obtained has allowed me to approach any professional environment with confidence."

Jacob Dudman, Actor
Medici, The Stranger, The A List
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Our students have gone on to work on major Hollywood feature films, prime time international TV shows, independent film productions, soap operas, Broadway and in London’s West End.

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Live Weekend Workshop

Upcoming Dates

Special offer - book before 12th May and receive a 20% discount. £190 instead of £228

Saturday 18th May, 11am - 5.45pm BST

Sunday 19th May, 11am - 5.45pm BST

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*If you are unable to attend, the price of your course will be added as credit for another course of your choice.

"John’s Spiritual Psychology of Acting workshops had a profound effect on me, both personally, and professionally. I was able to see more clearly on how to approach working on a character in a clear and systematic way."

Stephen Park, Actor
The French Dispatch, Fargo, Do the Right Thing, Asteroid City, State of Play, Snowpiercer, A Serious Man
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