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The Spiritual Psychology of Acting

The Spiritual Psychology of Acting is a comprehensive system of cutting edge actor training, developed for newcomers and professionals seeking to deepen their knowledge of the art and craft of acting.

The Spiritual Psychology of Acting

The full course is made up of 6 uniquely designed modules.

The training will provide you with all the knowledge and skills you need to be a professional actor and advance your career.

The full training is designed to create actors of the highest calibre, a delight to work with and ultimately an inspiration to watch.

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Why Train In The Spiritual Psychology of acting?

Have you ever experienced any of the following?

  • Doubting the quality of your work 
  • Feeling unprepared when presented with opportunities 
  • The fear of failure and rejection 
  • Acting classes that promote suffering and lead to burnout 
  • Abusive acting teachers that destroy your confidence
  • The nagging feeling that you aren’t fulfilling your potential

All too often, talented students are subjected to teaching methods and methodologies that deflate their confidence and their ability to fulfil their potential. In contrast, The Spiritual Psychology of Acting is designed to nurture your natural abilities and give you the tools you need to succeed. 

Our courses have been developed to alleviate the biggest obstacles to great acting, namely: A lack of sound knowledge, and the burden of the actor’s own psychological and emotional baggage.

Acting is a complex art form and therefore needs to be studied in detail. ‘Quick fixes’ only lead to frustration, requiring more work further down the line. Studying the Spiritual Psychology of Acting will provide you with a reliable frame of knowledge and the right technique to do your job properly. 

If you want to take your acting to the next level and advance confidently in your career, this course is for you. 

“Through conscious technique, we pave the way to subconscious creativity”

– Konstantin Stanislavski

Is this course for me?

This course is perfect for anyone who...


The course is second to none for those actors at the start of their journey.

We provide everything you need to learn the art and craft of acting and help you grow and thrive as an actor.


Many of our students have already been to drama school and work professionally.

We will enhance your knowledge and give you the training that many drama schools fail to provide.


We have trained hundreds of non-actors who are looking for practical ways to learn and grow.

The Spiritual Psychology of Acting is essentially a study of the human spirit, mind and behaviour. We are all actors on the stage of life!

What you will learn

The Spiritual Psychology of Acting course creates truly inspirational actors and people.

Across the 6 modules of the course, you will gain a clear understanding of your real Self and the, often subconscious, dynamics of your own character. You will learn the fascinating laws of psychology, which will enable you to fully understand how your own character formed and how it creates your behaviours and responses in life.  This will equip you with a reliable frame of reference to serve as a solid template for creating any character, in any medium, style or genre.

You will learn how to effectively analyse any script, establish its essential themes and make choices that serve the play of film as a whole. You will also be provided with the skills and detailed, practical knowledge to help you to dive deep into the character’s psyche to uncover how they specifically think and feel in each scene. Most importantly, you will develop cutting-edge techniques to allow you to fully embody and get ‘under the skin’ of any character.

The Spiritual Psychology of Acting has been carefully created to help you go to the next level, no matter where you are in your life and career. Over the full 150 hours of the training, you will learn how to approach your work with confidence, integrity and inspiration.

The training will set you free, both as a person and as an actor. On completion of the course you will know, both in theory and in practice, how to do your job properly, with confidence in your ability to create memorable and compelling characters.

The purpose of the Spiritual Psychology of Acting is to produce actors and performers who are a joy to work with and ultimately a joy and inspiration to watch.

Each session starts with meditation to focus your attention.
The weekly course is presented live on zoom and recorded.
We recommend you take written notes as it is the most effective way for information to go from short to long term memory.

The structure of the course

The Full Spiritual Psychology of Acting course is broken into 6 Modules.

The Elements of Great Acting

The Foundation Course

The module provides you with detailed acting theory, combined with specially developed technique exercises to build a firm foundation and give you the tools you need to hone your craft and succeed.

Know Yourself, Be Your Self

The Principles of the Human Psyche

Discover the psychological principles at the heart of the training and the practical steps for identifying and resolving the patterns of thinking that impede your creative process.

The Spectrum of Human Purposes

Understand Characters

In this module you will learn the 170 human purposes, with clear definitions of each one. This will enable you to recognise them in yourself and others, and to act them truthfully.

The Ten Steps to Creating a Character Part 1

Part 1 covers steps 1-7

This module covers the first 7 steps to creating a character. In this part of the course, you will learn how to accurately analyse the play and make informed choices that directly serve the main thesis of the play.

The Ten Steps to Creating a Character Part 2

Part 2 covers step 8

Discover how to break down any scene into actable units, called episodes, and then learn how to quickly and effectively analyse and define the specific state of mind of the character within the episode.

The Ten Steps to Creating a Character Part 3

Part 3 covers step 9 & 10

Learn how to programme and embody the state of mind, psychological actions, events and visual design of any character.

''The higher purposes of theatre and cinematic art are to raise the level of consciousness, hold a mirror up to nature and open the hearts of those who have forgotten how to open their own.''

John Osborne Hughes

Hear what students have to say

Our students have gone on to work on major Hollywood feature films, prime time international TV shows, independent film productions, soap operas, Broadway and in London’s West End.

Hear what our students say about The Spiritual Psychology of Acting

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The Elements of Great Acting
Know Yourself, Be Your Self
The Spectrum of Human Purposes
Ten Steps to Creating a Character Pt. 1
Ten Steps to Creating a Character Pt. 2
Ten Steps to Creating a Character Pt. 3
*If you are unable to attend, the price of your course will be added as credit for another course of your choice.

"I always felt plagued by a sense of inadequacy in my work, and a constant feeling of inconsistency. Since training with John, all of that has completely changed. Ultimately, the result speaks more effectively than words I can write. If you are serious about acting, then this course is not to be missed."

Richard Brake, Actor
Game of Thrones (Night King), Batman Begins, Doom, Cold Mountain, Peaky Blinders, Munich
Photo of Richard Brake, Actor