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Acting Enquiries

The training is open to anyone who has a genuine love of acting and wants to know how to be a good actor.

The course is best suited to students over the age of 16. There is no upper age limit.

Our courses have been developed for both complete newcomers and professional actors seeking something more than traditional training has to offer.

Many of our students have already been to drama school and work in the profession. Please read our testimonials from famous actors who have trained in the Spiritual Psychology of Acting and are now enjoying a successful career.

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Of course! The Spiritual Psychology of Acting system will provide you with the knowledge and skills required to analyse and embody any character, quickly and effectively. Once you understand how to act properly, approaching auditions and self-tapes will no longer be a question of ‘how can I say these lines to impress’, as you will know clearly how best to serve the character and the scene and give the director / casting director what they need.

This will allow you to submit auditions that are truthful and compelling, and give you the very best opportunity to land the part and succeed within the industry. It will also free you from fear and self-doubt and make the whole process far more enjoyable!

Students on the course consistently report a huge increase in confidence and a much higher success rate.

Traditional drama schools generally teach a wide range of disciplines related to acting, including dance, mime, stage combat etc, but often fail to provide their students with clear knowledge of acting or any reliable psychological technique.

Our course only teaches the pure nuts and bolts of the art and craft of acting. We don’t waste your time and money teaching the peripheral aspects of the actor’s craft, as these can easily and affordably be studied elsewhere.

All of our courses are designed to offer maximum quality of training with minimum cost.

Yes. We are all actors on the stage of life! The unique skill set we offer will bring greater confidence and awareness to anyone from any field of life.

Previous students have included lawyers, doctors, architects, civil engineers, advertising executives, singers, dancers and other creatives.

For those who are primarily seeking self-improvement, we highly recommend our Know Yourself, Be Your Self course.

General Enquiries

The complete Spiritual Psychology of Acting course will provide you with all the knowledge and practical acting techniques you need to help you create any character for stage or screen. It will also show you how to raise your own level of consciousness, develop your stage presence and help you shine.

Know Yourself, Be Your Self course will teach you the principles of spiritually based practical psychology, to enable you to gain a deeper awareness of your individual self and connect you with your true self. The fruits of this study are greater confidence, peace of mind and improved relationships with yourself and others, The ultimate aim of the training is to help you to be your best self and ultimately fulfil your potential in life.

Consistent experience shows that the unique skill set that John has developed, not only produces good actors, but also has a massive capacity for healing and empowerment for anyone, in any field of life.

John believes the job of a self development coach is to provide a reliable frame of reference and create an environment for you to resolve inner obstacles and do your best work.

The overwhelming response from our clients and students is that the knowledge and insight we provide is “mind blowing,” “enlightening,” “transformational” and “evolutionary.”

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The Spiritual Psychology of Acting has evolved through over 30 years of John’s international teaching and directing experience, alongside an in-depth study of human psychology and spiritual practice.

The course has its roots in the system of Russian theatre director, Konstantin Stanislavski, which was further developed by John’s own acting and directing teacher, Sam Kogan, from the Moscow Institute of Theatre Arts.

John’s work was further inspired and greatly enriched by the study and practice of Advaita (non-dual) philosophy, mythology and human zoology.

For further information about the origin of The Spiritual Psychology of Acting, check out the first episode of our podcast.

We greatly honour the origins of these teachings throughout the courses and celebrate the global mix of knowledge that has led to this innovative training.

John’s main teachers in the fields of psychology and human behaviour are Sam Kogan (Ukrainian Acting Teacher), Eric Berne (Canadian psychiatrist who created the theory of transactional analysis), Alfred Adler (Swiss post Freudian psychologist) and Desmond Morris (British zoologist).

John considers his main spiritual and philosophical teachers to be Sri Shantananda Saraswati and Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj.

John’s work is also greatly influenced by the work of Joseph Campbell (American mythologist) and Terrance McKenna (American philosopher).

Whilst John has been blessed to have been guided by some wonderful teachers, honest enquiry and real experience are the best teachers.

The system of philosophy referenced within the training courses is called Advaita Vedanta, a Sanskrit term which loosely translates as ‘non-duality’; or ‘knowledge of the one consciousness that manifests as everyone and everything.’ John also draws great inspiration from Gnostic, Sufi, Buddhist and Taoist teachings.

John has been a student of practical philosophy at the School of Philosophy and Economic Science in London since 1994, and has been practicing mantra-based meditation twice daily since 1995.

He has a keen interest in the comparative history and evolution of world religion and is fascinated by the commonality of the essential truths behind the symbols and stories contained within them.

Spiritual and Psychology Enquiries

Originally developed as a branch of philosophy, psychology is simply defined as the science of mind and behaviour. Behaviour means ‘the manifestation of the mind’; i.e., the way that the mind expresses itself (or fails to express itself) through the emotional and physical aspect of our being.
What we call ‘the mind’ is the totality of all our thoughts. The mind is also the creator of all new thoughts. All new thoughts are the result of all the thoughts we’ve ever thought.

The eternal question, both for individuals and for humanity as a whole is, ‘Who am I? Are we merely an organic mind/ body machine? Or are we the consciousness being which inhabits it?

Whilst traditional psychology tends to lean towards the former conclusion, spiritual psychology is firmly established in the later, i.e., one’s real or true self is not the mind or body, but rather the ever present, unchanging being which simply observes the whole show.

We define spiritual psychology as the science and art of human being.

Spiritual wisdom teaches that the essential nature of all creatures, including human beings, is the same; Truth (that which does not change), Consciousness (the intelligent, creative energy which animates matter and is the life of everything) and Bliss (joy without an object).

If you look into a baby’s eyes, you can see that their inner being is naturally whole and happy (as long as they aren’t hungry or in need of a nappy change!). Even though it may have been covered over, this natural happiness is essentially everyone’s true nature and is therefore your natural state.

The spiritual aspect of all the course we offer are designed to help actors and non-actors alike to dissolve the artificial covers and return to your native state. The deeper knowledge and practices we offer, including meditation, are provided to help you to realign with our own intrinsic happiness and wisdom, and ultimately give you the freedom to be whoever you choose to be, in life and on stage.

"For anyone looking to go much deeper with their work as an actor, John will lead you through what can sometimes seem like the impenetrable, and bring light to the potentialities hidden within you."

Patti Clare, Actor
Coronation Street, (Mary Taylor), Three time winner of British Soap Award for Best Comedy Performance
Photo of Patti Clare, Actor