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"The Spiritual Psychology of Acting represents the cutting edge of actor training available in the World Today."

Eddie Marsan
Ray Donovan, Gangs of New York, 21 Grams, Mission Impossible III, Hancock, His Wife and the Canoe, Wrath of Man, Fast and Furious: Hobbs & Shaw
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Join Spiritual Psychology of Acting creator, John Osborne Hughes, as he takes you on a journey into the heart of great acting and shares the essential techniques of the art and craft of character creation.

What is the Spiritual Psychology of Acting?

The Spiritual Psychology of Acting is an evolution of the system of Stanislavski, with cutting edge psychology and spiritual philosophy, for newcomers and professionals seeking something more…

The two and a half hour seminar will introduce you to the philosophy, principles and psychological techniques of great acting and is guaranteed to inspire and show you how to progress to the next level with your craft. 

Simple practical exercises will be introduced to assimilate the basic techniques.
Each session starts with meditation and a reading to help focus your attention
All intro seminars are hosted on zoom & recorded in case you are unable to attend live.

What will I learn?

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The three main purposes of theatre/ cinematic art
  • The essential principles of great acting
  • The four key questions for designing a character
  • A clear model of the character's psyche
  • How to focus your attention
  • How to develop awareness (the ability to observe your own thoughts)
  • How to improve your imagination
  • Introduction to mind triads: the three essential elements of the character’s psyche
  • How to raise your own and the audience's level of consciousness
  • The secrets of charisma and stage/screen presence, and how to develop them
  • The psychology of casting
  • How to prepare for auditions
  • The main principle of zen and its relation to the art of acting

"Quite simply, studying with John Osborne Hughes has profoundly improved both my acting and quality of life."

Richard Brake, Actor
Game of Thrones (Night King), Batman Begins, Doom, Cold Mountain, The Mandalorian
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Why Train In The Spiritual Psychology of acting?

Have you ever experienced any of the following?

  • Doubting the quality of your work 
  • Feeling unprepared when presented with opportunities 
  • The fear of failure and rejection 
  • Acting classes that promote suffering and lead to burnout 
  • Abusive acting teachers that destroy your confidence
  • The nagging feeling that you aren’t fulfilling your potential

All too often, talented students are subjected to teaching methods and methodologies that deflate their confidence and their ability to fulfil their potential. In contrast, The Spiritual Psychology of Acting is designed to nurture your natural abilities and give you the tools you need to succeed. 

Our courses have been developed to alleviate the biggest obstacles to great acting, namely: A lack of sound knowledge, and the burden of the actor’s own psychological and emotional baggage.

Acting is a complex art form and therefore needs to be studied in detail. ‘Quick fixes’ only lead to frustration, requiring more work further down the line. Studying the Spiritual Psychology of Acting will provide you with a reliable frame of knowledge and the right technique to do your job properly. 

If you want to take your acting to the next level and advance confidently in your career, this course is for you. 

''Our aim is to create the life of a human spirit
and express it in a beautiful, artistic form''


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"Honestly, no other training I have done has been as detailed or as clear as this. I strongly recommend this class if you are looking to understand, not just the art of acting and creating characters, but yourself on a deeper level!"

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