The Spiritual Psychology of Acting
We provide comprehensive training in the spiritual psychology of acting, for newcomers and professionals seeking something more.

Welcome to The Spiritual Psychology of Acting

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We offer actor training for body, mind and soul, for newcomers and established professionals seeking something more.

Inspired and guided by ancient wisdom, combined with modern science, the Spiritual Psychology of Acting is a comprehensive acting technique, evolved from the system of Stanislavski and enriched with cutting-edge psychology, spiritual philosophy, meditation and a healthy dose of fun!

The Spiritual Psychology of Acting has been developed to meet the true needs of the professional actor, living and working in the 21st Century.

We provide clear knowledge and ground-breaking techniques in the art and craft of acting, to help you dig deep, get out of your own way and fulfil your potential as an actor.

So stop dreaming, stop waiting - start your journey and take your acting to the next level!

I look for forward to sharing the course with you,

John Osborne Hughes
Founder Director of Awakened State and creator of The Spiritual Psychology of Acting

John Osborne Hughes' Story

The creator of the Spiritual Psychology of Acting

John’s passion and fascination with the art of acting was first ignited as a teenager, in a drama class at school, where he was initially too shy to get involved. Then one day, an impulse shot through him like a lightning bolt, and he took the stage by storm.

Looking back, this was the moment John found his true calling, a moment of pure inspiration that drove him to find out everything that was available about the craft, to study with the best teachers, and eventually go on to lead a new generation of actors.

He began with the work of Konstantin Stanislavski, through his own tutor, Sam Kogan, who had trained in Moscow under one of Stanislavski’s students. The theory worked for John, but the practice itself felt lacking, like a crucial part of the system was missing.

John found a piece of that puzzle through the teachings of Michael Chekov, but it wasn’t until his research into human psychology and zoology led him to the wisdom teachings of the Himalayas that the jigsaw pieces clicked into place. Here the powerful mix of Eastern Philosophy and contemporary western psychology came together, to form what he calls, The Spiritual Psychology of Acting.
Photo of John Osborne Hughes
“ Our aim is to create the life of a human spirit… and express it in a beautiful, artistic form”
– Stanislavski

Our Story

Watch the first episode of The Spiritual Psychology of Acting podcast and learn more about the history of the course and how it came to be.

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"I trained with John for seven years after I left drama school and I consider him to be the most important influence on my career. The Spiritual Psychology of Acting represents the cutting edge of actor training available in the World today."

Eddie Marsan
Ray Donovan, Gangs of New York, 21 Grams, Mission Impossible III, Hancock, His Wife and the Canoe, Wrath of Man, Fast and Furious: Hobbs & Shaw
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What’s on offer?

The Spiritual Psychology of Acting offers a vibrant mix of acting & self development courses, seminars & workshops; each carefully crafted to empower, enlighten and inspire.

Acting Modules

The full Spiritual Psychology of Acting course is comprised of 6 modules

The Elements of Great Acting

The Foundation Course

The module provides you with detailed acting theory, combined with specially developed technique exercises to build a firm foundation and give you the tools you need to hone your craft and succeed.

Know Yourself, Be Your Self

The Principles of the Human Psyche

Discover the psychological principles at the heart of the training and the practical steps for identifying and resolving the patterns of thinking that impede your creative process.

The Spectrum of Human Purposes

Understand Characters

In this module you will learn the 170 human purposes, with clear definitions of each one. This will enable you to recognise them in yourself and others, and to act them truthfully.

The Ten Steps to Creating a Character Part 1

Part 1 covers steps 1-7

This module covers the first 7 steps to creating a character. In this part of the course, you will learn how to accurately analyse the play and make informed choices that directly serve the main thesis of the play.

The Ten Steps to Creating a Character Part 2

Part 2 covers step 8

Discover how to break down any scene into actable units, called episodes, and then learn how to quickly and effectively analyse and define the specific state of mind of the character within the episode.

The Ten Steps to Creating a Character Part 3

Part 3 covers step 9 & 10

Learn how to programme and embody the state of mind, psychological actions, events and visual design of any character.

live Workshops

Live Weekend Workshop to The Spiritual Psychology of Acting

Two Day Live Intensive Course - London

This weekend introduction course takes you through the essential techniques of the art and craft of character creation and the basics of The Spiritual Psychology of Acting. Special offer - book before 12th May and receive a 20% discount. £190 instead of £228.

Two week intensive summer school 2023

Learn Character Creation with the SPoA

This live summer school includes the Elements of Great Acting module and all of the Ten Steps to Creating a Character modules. Includes detailed theory and technique exercises.

"Honestly, no other training I have done has been as detailed or as clear as this. I strongly recommend this class if you are looking to understand, not just the art of acting and creating characters, but yourself on a deeper level!"

Jordan Alexandra, Actor
The Winter King (Guinevere), Grantchester, Boiling Point, Bridgerton, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness
Photo of Jordan Alexandra, Actor