Module 3:

The Spectrum of Human Purposes

In this module you will learn the 180 human purposes, with clear definitions of each one. This will enable you to recognise them in yourself and others, and most importantly, to act them truthfully.

The Spectrum of Human Purposes

Module 3 in the Spiritual Psychology of Acting Course

Whilst our intentions are conscious, purposes are the subconscious driving force of all behaviour. Therefore, one of the cornerstone elements of great acting is a well-developed understanding of the nature, energies and dynamics of human purposes.

The essential skill of an actor is to define the subconscious purposes and objectives which drive the character, to programme them as mental images and then to fully embody them.

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4 Sessions
2.5 Hours Each
Each session starts with meditation to focus your attention.
The weekly course is presented live on zoom and recorded.
We recommend you take written notes as it is the most effective way for information to go from short to long term memory.

What will I learn?

Our purposes select our thoughts and experiences

As well as being fundamental to the study of the art and craft of acting, the knowledge of the spectrum of human purposes provides powerful tools and greater insight for anyone who wants to develop an in-depth understanding of the mechanics of the human psyche.

This naturally creates a deeper understanding of both ourselves and those around us, resulting in increased confidence, empathy, spontaneity and freedom from confining thoughts and self-limiting desires.

All students receive a detailed, up to date list of all of the human purposes, along with their clear definitions. This is an extremely valuable resource for any actor or anyone who wants to better understand the subconscious forces that drive them.

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The Elements of Great Acting
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The Spectrum of Human Purposes
Ten Steps to Creating a Character Pt. 1
Ten Steps to Creating a Character Pt. 2
Ten Steps to Creating a Character Pt. 3
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"I have learned so much about myself that I was previously unconscious of, which has been both a revelation and a liberation."

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