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 John Osborne Hughes


John began his training as an Actor on the Hampshire County Specialist Speech and Drama Course, where he was awarded a special commendation for best actor. He then trained for a another three years at The Academy of Live and Recorded Arts in London, and then for a further two years as a Stage Director with teacher Sam Kogan, in Association with The Moscow Institute of Theatre Arts.

After graduation he worked as an actor and stage director. Productions included the British Premiere of William Mastrosimones, ‘Cat’s Paw‘,  ‘Ecstasy‘ by Mike Leigh, which met with critical acclaim; Time Out’s Critic’s Choice and What’s On saying it was “Quite simply the best ensemble acting seen on the West End stage in years“.

Inspired by this, he then developed his own company, Miracle Tree Productions, for which he wrote, directed and performed in the hugely successful, “Beyond Ecstasy”. The show enjoyed sell out runs in both London and Edinburgh, was Time Out’s and The Guardian’s critic’s choice and won the Creative Freedom Award for best theatrical production.

In response to requests from friends and colleagues, he then launched a training department for Miracle Tree Production and began teaching regular classes and workshops in acting technique and the principles of dramatic art . Grounded by his background in the System of Stanislavski, he began an in-depth study of the laws of Psychology and Human Zoology, and endeavoured to explore their application within the context of the art of acting.

The system that evolved was then further enriched by the study of Mythology and Philosophy, in particular the Advaita Vedanta wisdom teaching from the Himalayas, through which he was introduced to the practice of meditation. This proved to be the master key in helping the actor to develop charisma and stage presence and it was at this point that The Spiritual Psychology Of Acting was born.

John has taught extensively in London, New York and Los Angeles. He has trained some of the U.K.s brightest actors who have gone on to work in Hollywood, International feature films, T.V., Royal Shakespeare Company and Royal National Theatre. John’s approach to acting is considered by many to be the cutting edge of actor training available in the world today.

About Miracle Tree Productions

The function of Miracle Tree Productions is to both train artists of the highest calibre and also to create and produce innovative films and plays which serve to facilitate the raising of the level of consciousness in society and humanity as a whole. The modus operandi is to create modern day myths, which draw from the roots of ancient philosophical wisdom from both East and West and present them to a contemporary audience through a style and context they can enjoy and relate to.

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